The Gatehouse Program

a place and program for permanent change.

If you are in immediate danger, call 911.  The Gatehouse is not an emergency shelter nor a transitional living/housing program; click here for a list of local housing resources.

The Gatehouse is an empowerment program for women — whether single or with children — who are overcoming a crisis, such as abuse, underemployment or tragic divorce. The Gatehouse Program invests in women who are motivated to become completely self-sustaining without the need of governmental assistance and free from toxic relationships.

The Gatehouse Program is designed for women who are ready to embark on a full-time career path and commit to a challenging program that will help them make permanent changes in their life to become empowered and self-sustainable.

Over the course of the Program, Members have a team of Advisors, counselors, financial coaches, and legal aid, as needed. Advisors are a key piece to the Member-support puzzle at The Gatehouse. They are the resource center for Members,working closely with each family.  Advisors strive to provide a nurturing climate that empowers Members to take responsibility and build capacity as they discover ways to appropriately grow in self-awareness, planning and problem-solving skills.

Members are expected to participate in career advancement, financial literacy education, counseling, community events, and many other aspects of the Program in order to empower themselves towards independence. Members are encouraged to take responsibility for their success through member-guided goals and accountability. Due to the rigorousness of our Program, on-campus housing is required and provided to accepted applicants while they complete their journey here.

The gatehouse program advisor talk

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“The Gatehouse equipped me with the tools I was missing in order to complete my goals and successfully manage my finances. My time at The Gatehouse was a learning experience that I will take with me for the rest of my life. It was spiritually enriching, mentally strengthening, and offered more support than I expected. The staff were caring and always had time to lend a listening ear when I needed sound advice. Thank you to my Gatehouse family and a special thank you to my Advisor who was my saving grace.”

2019 Gatehouse Graduate

The application process for The Gatehouse Program includes a referral, application, drug test, background check and an interview.

You may refer yourself or another woman that meets the minimum eligibility requirements for consideration.