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We provide safe refuge, ample time and practical resources needed for positive, permanent change.

Our Gatehouse program is designed to give members safe refuge, ample time, and practical resources needed to navigate the path towards permanent, positive change. When the cycles of abuse and poverty are disrupted and transformed into self-supportiveness, generations of lives are saved.

Based on need, The Gatehouse offers members resources including housing, medical/dental care, food, clothing, transportation, childcare, education, career development guidance, professional counseling, and life skills training without government funding. As members move through the Program, they co-pay for all resources received.

We Serve Women Who Are:

  • Alone, with or without children
  • Attempting to recover from an at-risk situation such as abuse, divorce or underemployment
  • At least 21 years old
  • Of any ethnicity, race and socioeconomic status
  • Willing and able to work for permanent, positive change

We primarily serve women from Tarrant and Dallas counties, as well as Northeast Texas. In special cases, we serve women from other states who need to change their location to ensure safety and anonymity.


Each element of The Gatehouse community exists to facilitate hope and healing so that Gatehouse members can make permanent, positive change.

Neighborhoods: Each neighborhood is comprised of 24 one-, two-, and three-bedroom units. Neighborhoods are designed to foster development of close relationships and accountability with neighbors and staff.

Advisor Centers: Advisor Centers are positioned for easy access and high visibility between each pair of neighborhoods, which provide a welcoming place for staff to provide services to families.

General Store: Food and household goods are accessible as needed, via a meal ticket system, to Gatehouse members.

Keeps Boutique: Keeps Boutique offers new clothing as needed for work, job interviews, court dates and special occasions for women and kids as they build new lives.

The Washington Community Education Center: Positioned at the entrance to the development, the Community Center houses administrative offices and a meeting space for members.

The Hope Chapel: The Chapel provides a place for solitude, reflection, and non-denominational events.

Legacy Early Learning Academy: This school provides world-class curriculum and quality childcare for children 6 weeks through 12 years of age.

Commercial Center: Rental proceeds from tenants are returned to The Gatehouse to help provide operational sustainability.

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