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Give based on your passions and talents.

Think about what your family needs to thrive, then multiply that by 85 families There are countless ways at The Gatehouse where you, your family, business or group can ‘discover your new path’ for serving and giving, according to your passions and talents.



Pledge Your Birthday

Invite friends to your unique birthday party where they bring items, gift cards, or money for Gatehouse families. Email for a list of current needs to help create a theme for your party.

Host a drive or a fundraiser for your circle

For more information about developing a donation drive or your own fundraiser for your circle of friends or colleagues, please email


Help Support Gatehouse Families

Adopt an Apartment

Supply new, practical items for a family’s apartment during their stay at The Gatehouse ($1,800).

Sponsor a Child

Through The Gatehouse’s early learning and childcare academy, Gatehouse infants will receive quality childcare, Gatehouse kids will be more than kindergarten ready, and older Gatehouse kids will have a safe place for physical activity and homework after school. The yearly tuition will range from $3,000-$6,000.

Underwrite field trips, extracurricular activities, or summer camps for Gatehouse children

These activities expose Gatehouse children to new opportunities that they might not otherwise receive.

For more information about sponsoring a child, please email


Donate or Underwrite

New Clothing for Keeps Boutique

New clothing will help Gatehouse members to put their best foot forward at school and work.

Car Repairs, Gas or Car Replacement Costs

In our community, transportation is critical for members to sustain employment, attend school, and transport their children to activities.

Sponsor an Event

Sponsor one of our community events (HandUp for Success Luncheon or Get in the Game) or an event for our Gatehouse families (click here to see Gatehouse event opportunities).


For more information or to discuss how you can give, please email us at

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