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Dr. Angela Bowers & Southlake Dermatology

In addition to giving $70,000 to support a family through their full stay at The Gatehouse, Dr. Angela Bowers and the Southlake Dermatology staff have committed to becoming Gatehouse Friends, walking along side the family as they journey through the Independent Life Program. Dr. Bowers and the staff will also offer all Gatehouse women & children free courses on skin care and make-up application, as well as provide select skin treatments.

Q: How did you and the staff make the decision to participate?
A: This is a time where we’ll see our time and money making a bigger difference. We’re all women, and we know women. A lot of self-esteem is tied into our appearance, which sounds shallow, but it isn’t. We know these women are going to have counselors to help them heal mentally and emotionally, so we’ll see what we can help them do with skin & appearance. It’s a brand new start.

Q: What led you & the staff to believe The Gatehouse is important?
A: The fact that it’s not funded by the government, and that The Gatehouse’s mission is to help these women to get a start and become non-dependent on federal subsidies, is the biggest difference for us. We want to help women gain the knowledge and skills to help themselves.

Q: How exactly will you & the staff plan participate with The Gatehouse?
A: We will financially support a family of 4, as well as be a Gatehouse Friend to that family — helping provide for them, taking them out to movies and dinner, buying clothes and being a friend to that family. In addition, we’ll host events for the entire Gatehouse community to give advice on skincare & tips on make-up application, address any particular skin issues and treat those issues on an as-needed basis.

Q: What is the sentiment in the office now that you are are a part of supporting The Gatehouse community?
A: Our thing is giving back and equipping these women so they can do the same for someone else the next time around. And, their kids will be in a place to change their whole family’s dynamics. We’re all very excited to do something that can make an impact in our local community.

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