The Gatehouse & COVID-19

Our response and how you can help

Thank you for the overflow of prayers, inspiration and generosity during this extraordinary time.

Our team is working hard to ensure The Gatehouse families are safe, secure and motivated to continue their life-changing transformation toward self-sustainability at The Gatehouse.

At the height of the pandemic, 50% of our Members lost their jobs or faced reductions in available hours due to COVID. We anticipate continuing loss of jobs or work hours and, as a result, our families’ unplanned needs will continue because of COVID-related under-employment or unemployment.

— How You Can Help —

Although we cannot give you the opportunity to serve in person at this time for safety reasons, here are the ways you can make an immediate impact:

— 1 —

Give a gift online

— 2 —

Purchase an item from our Amazon Wishlist

More Details

We continue to have members lose jobs, face reduction in hours or experience difficulty in finding living wage employment as a result of COVID. This is after having almost 100% of our members employed in early 2020. The sad reality is that others will become unemployed after working so hard to secure a career-path, living wage income.

Unlike many Americans, Gatehouse members will have little or no savings to tap into as an emergency fund. As you can imagine, the issues will escalate the longer that the pandemic continues and will stem primarily from unemployment. As a result, The Gatehouse families’ needs will soar for:

  • basics such as food since several of our suppliers are no longer able to partner during this time
  • household supplies, prescriptions, car insurance, gas, and more necessities that most women were able to contribute to while employed
  • alternative childcare for members who still have the gift of working even though most schools and childcare facilities are closed
  • healthcare since our on-campus healthcare clinic has closed during this time and Members will lose health insurance along with job loss
  • additional mental health counseling as they are facing another crisis after the initial crisis which led them to The Gatehouse
  • increased campus security while our staff works from home


Thank you for your continued partnership and support.

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